Explosion-proof heater OVEX-3-9-350-IIB

Explosion protection marking:1Ex d IIB Т4 Gb X;

Classes of explosive zones:Т4;

Category of explosive mixtures :IIB;

The environment temperature:-10 +40 °С;

Power supply voltage:380 V;

Service life :10 y;

Air capacity:2500-3000 m³/h;

Power Up To:3000 W;

External protection:IP54;

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Explosion-proof OVEx heaters

Explosion-proof OVEx heaters are used for heating industrial premises, warehouses for paints and varnishes and other flammable materials, mobile buildings and containers with technological equipment. Explosion-proof heaters can be used both as an independent and as an additional or backup source of heating.

The explosion protection marking 1Ex d IIB T4 Gb X assigned to heaters in accordance with GOST IEC 60079-1-2011 allows them to be used in explosive zones of class 1 and 2. Compliance with TR TS 012/2011 “On the safety of equipment for operation in explosive environments” is confirmed by a certificate.


The explosion-proof air heater consists of a steel casing, inside of which a bimetallic heat exchanger is installed. Propylene glycol is used as a heat carrier, heated by an HBEx flange heater. The thermostat installed inside the HBEx heater maintains the coolant temperature in automatic mode. The housing is equipped with aluminum blades at the heater outlet. Also inside the case there is a spark-proof fan impeller, it is driven by an explosion-proof electric motor. The engine is mounted outside the housing on a special bracket. An explosion-proof terminal box is fixed on the side panel of the heater, inside it there are power supply terminals and ballasts.

Convention structure

The symbol does not provide an opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about the characteristics of the heater, descriptive information is contained in the agreed design documentation and specification.

Production of non-standard models of explosion-proof OBEx heaters

We are always glad to cooperate and if you have not found a suitable model, we will develop and produce a special heater for you.

Our capabilities in terms of design and configuration:

Our capabilities in terms of design and configuration:

  • Stainless steel body;
  • Degree of protection: IP 54, IP66;
  • Subgroups of explosion-proof equipment IIB and IIC;
  • Temperature class T2…T6;
  • Ambient temperature: -10≤tamb≤+40 or -40≤tamb≤+40;
  • Color palette according to RAL catalogue;
  • Installing the heater in the terminal box;
  • Equipment with an external control cabinet for grouping with the possibility of maintaining the required temperature, scheduling and remote control;
  • Equipment with an additional thermostat to maintain the temperature inside the room;
  • Equipment with a gas analyzer;
  • Equipped with a special high-performance fan;
  • Equipment with an explosion-proof plug or socket – if the heater will be used non-stationary;
  • Equipment with wall bracket, ceiling bracket or wheels for movement;
  • Equipment with a flange for fastening a flexible hose at the heater outlet.

Competitive advantages

Without undue modesty, we will try to explain to you why we are more promising than the rest and, ultimately, more attractive to the client, and why our equipment is purchased by leading companies from the oil and gas industry, their contractors, as well as numerous customers who care about quality, equipment reliability and affordable price .

Common and obvious benefits:

  • We are a reliable organization with a good reputation in the market, with a large number of positive reviews, operating for more than 10 years;
  • We have our own modern production facility with the latest imported equipment, so we can ensure consistently high quality products;
  • We have our own design department that can help you with any task;
  • We sell our products directly, bypassing the chain of intermediaries and without margins by region;
  • We use only Russian-made materials and components and do not buy second-rate raw materials, you can safely participate in any tenders;
  • All our equipment undergoes multi-stage quality control before shipment.

The advantages of our products:

  • Welders and welding equipment are certified according to NAKS, we guarantee high-quality welds and the absence of “welding spatter”;
  • We use HBEx flange heaters of our own production;
  • We use a seamless pipe for the production of tubular heaters;
  • We use a larger diameter resistive wire for even longer life of the heating elements;
  • We provide a full package of documents, including declarations and certificates;
  • The use of propylene glycol is safe for humans and the environment;
  • We can manufacture explosion-proof heaters with explosion protection marking 1Ex d IIB or IIC “T6…T2” Gb X;

Inspection before shipment

All products undergo multi-stage quality control and testing in accordance with GOST, specifications and ISO 9001:

  • Checking the cold resistance of the heating element;
  • Checking heater insulation resistance;
  • Puncture test;
  • Checking the leakage current when hot;
  • Visual inspection;
  • Hydraulic test of the heat exchanger;
  • Checking critical dimension values.

Scope of delivery:

  • Explosion-proof heater OBEx:
  • Heater connection diagram;
  • Installation and operation manual for the air heater;
  • Product passport;
  • Certificate of conformity.

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